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  • Inspektado pri produktoj
    Inspektado pri produktoj

    We can provide product inspection service In production or before shipment according to customer requirements to control product.

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  • Speciala linio pri loĝistiko
    Speciala linio pri loĝistiko

    Mainly for the European and American markets, other countries and regions can also provide services, sea, land, air, express can be.

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  • Dogana rajtigo
    Dogana rajtigo

    For different types of goods, we strictly review the declaration information and flexibly adopt customs clearance methods.

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  • Aertransportado

    Cooperate with many famous airlines, compared with sea freight, the speed is faster, suitable for customers who have requirements for time.

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  • Sendo

    Cooperate with famous shipping companies in the industry, the transportation scope can cover many countries and regions around the world.

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  • stokado

    With domestic and overseas warehouses, it improves the turnover rate of goods and reduces logistics costs. Read more

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